Open Threat Intelligence

Cymon is the largest open tracker of malware, phishing, botnets, spam, and more. Brought to you by eSentire.

33+ Million Security Events

6+ million unique IP addresses with 20,000 IPs added daily from 180+ industry, government, and commercial threat intel sources

Threat Reports

Get detailed threat reports and see historical IP data to support a forensic investigation

Filters and Alerts

Get notified when your employees, your company, or partners end up on a hacker’s target list

Open APIs

A full set of APIs let you integrate Cymon into your business processes or enrich your own threat intel operations

Cymon's Top Threats of the Last 24 Hours

Top 5 Countries

Top 5 Threats


Open threat intel, open APIs, and an open community have led to some exciting projects to help fight the war on cybercrime.

And here are two of our own projects designed to help people and organizations be safe on the web:

eSentire DNS FirewallTM
powered by Cymon

Protect your organization's entire network from malware, botnets, phishing, and more with a powerful, cloud-based DNS service powered by Cymon.

Learn more about eSentire DNS FirewallTM

Cymon InterceptorTM

We've taken all of Cymon's threat intel and created a Google® ChromeTM Plugin. It's like an ad blocker that prevents you from accessing malicious sites.

Coming Soon!